FICORA - reliable and easy communications for everyone in Finland

FICORA boldly monitors and promotes communications markets and services, in the interests of the general public, business and industry. FICORA ensures that everyone has access to versatile, effective and secure communications in Finland.

The authority's activities contribute to a reliable information society and secure the status and rights of users of communications services by ensuring that society, business and citizens have access to, for example:

  • fast and reliable telecommunications connections
  • effective communications markets
  • efficiently-used radio frequencies, numbers and codes
  • reasonably-priced communications services of good quality
  • versatile electronic media services; and
  • objective information on the development, pricing and service level of communications markets and services.

FICORA maintains an overview of the functionality of electronic communications networks and information security, and reports of eventual information security threats. Also, the objective is to increase the awareness of information security in homes and companies for example by means of guidelines. FICORA also ensures the compatibility of communications networks and services.

The centralized administration of radio frequencies ensures that frequencies are used in as effective and disturbance-free manner as possible. This responsibility is significant both at national and international level.

Also, the authority enhances the provision of versatile electronic media services. FICORA

  • collects licence fees;
  • grants programming licences for TV and radio;
  • monitors the content and advertising of TV and radio programmes; and
  • monitors the functionality and service level of universal broadband, telephone and postal services;
  • handles undeliverable postal items.

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) functions under the Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland.

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Updated 12.10.2017

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