Give feedback and help FICORA improve MONITORi

Published 08.01.2018

FICORA's MONITORi service provides a comprehensive range of information on communications services in Finland. By completing our questionnaire you will help us make the service even better.

MONITORi offers information on, for example, radio and terrestrial TV coverage, broadband availability and postal service point locations in Finland. Moreover, the service publishes information on significant disruptions in telephone, broadband, TV and radio connections reported to FICORA by telecom operators.

You can search for communications service information in MONITORi in two different ways: in a map view or based on an address. The service is available online free of charge, and no login or registration is needed.

Take our questionnaire and help us improve MONITORi service

FICORA is constantly making improvements in the MONITORi service better meet customer needs. Help us to further improve the service by taking this short questionnaire by 31 January 2018.

Try MONITORi here.

The information displayed in MONITORi is based on data collected in connection with FICORA's steering and supervision duties.

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