Towards the most advanced, secure digital society in the world

Digitalisation offers us unprecedented opportunities. New innovations make the daily lives of citizens, not to mention business life, richer and easier. FICORA promotes the development of digital innovations and business ideas by supporting digital experimentation.

Confidentiality of radio communication

In June 2016, legislation was amended to allow tracking of people flows by using the traffic data of mobile phones or other wireless terminal devices. One main goal of the Information Society Code is to support creating new type of business in Finland. By monitoring traffic data in shopping centres, airports or railway stations, for instance, the data on customer flows may be used to develop business.

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Frequencies for digital experimentation

The speed of digitalisation requires sufficient frequencies for testing wireless communications. FICORA supports such experimentation by flexibly issuing radio licences for testing innovative radio technologies and systems.

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Telecommunication network numbers and identifiers for research, testing and educational purposes

FICORA supports the Finnish telecommunications industry by issuing numbers and identifiers for research, testing and educational purposes.
It is also possible to grant a temporary right to use numbers and identifiers in research, testing and education.

An application for testing purposes is often accompanied with a radio licence application. In such case, FICORA may issue a temporary radio licence for testing purposes together with the numbers and identifiers.

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Regulation on public telephone network numbering

Preparing for the future with research and international cooperation

FICORA is involved in several national and international steering committees of research projects addressing new technologies and related opportunities. The aim is to ensure that there are available frequencies already for early-stage testing and research.

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FICORA's open data

View the open data sets provided by FICORA.

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Updated 19.01.2017

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